Animal Health Practice veterinary clinic, pet stem cell treatment, dog acupuncture veterinarian, dog chiropractic vet, herbal medicine vet, canine acupuncture vet, Traditional Chinese Medicine veterinarian, Litchfield, CT
Animal Health Practice veterinary clinic, pet stem cell treatment, dog acupuncture veterinarian, dog chiropractic vet, herbal medicine vet, canine acupuncture vet, Traditional Chinese Medicine veterinarian, Bantam, CT

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I still continue to take my pet to my "regular vet"?
Yes, we strongly encourage you to maintain your relationship with your primary care veterinarian or any specialist that may be involved in your pet's health care. We are here to provide treatments that complement the conventional medical and surgical services provided by your other veterinarians. Even if a completely alternative approach is chosen for a particular problem, we recommend that you still see your veterinarian for regular "check-ups" and any surgery, hospitalization, or emergency treatment your pet may need.

2. Do I stop giving medicine(s) my pet is taking?
No, do NOT change anything you are currently giving unless directed by your veterinarian. Even if your goal is to get your pet off medications, we will need to implement a treatment plan first. Most of the time, we gradually eliminate medications as your pet becomes stronger and healthier and doesn't need the drugs anymore. Abruptly stopping medications that your pet's system is depending on could cause serious problems. Our goal is to help the animal heal or rebalance their system so they no longer need the drugs.

3. What will happen at the first visit?
On your first visit to AHP, you will discuss your concerns about your pet's current problems and go over your pet's history. Please bring with you any pertinent x-rays, copies of blood tests or other diagnostic tests, and copies of medical records for your pet. If you would prefer, we can contact your other veterinarian(s) and request that they send us this information. Just let us know with enough advance notice so that we can get this done before your appointment. After reviewing history, the doctor will examine your pet and discuss with you her findings and recommendations. The first treatment will be done and we will answer any questions you may have.

4. How long does it take to see a response to treatments?
This varies from patient to patient. Some pets feel better the day after the first treatment, and some need 3 or 4 treatments to even start to feel better. Some patients show gradual, steady improvement, feeling a little better with each treatment. Even if your pet feels better right away, it is important to continue the treatment schedule set with the doctor, as the body tends to revert back to its diseased state if not supported with additional treatments until it's completely healed.

5. How often do I need to bring my pet in?
This also varies from patient to patient depending on the problem(s) and severity of the disease process. For most patients, we recommend starting with one treatment per week for 4 consecutive weeks. We will then gradually increase the interval between treatments to find out what your pet needs for maintenance of health and comfort. For some patients this means a visit once a year, yet a patient with severe problems may need treatment every 2 weeks to be comfortable and happy. Most patients require recheck visits every 4-12 weeks.

6. Do you always use a combination of acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbal medicine on every patient?
No, we tailor the treatment of what your pet needs at each visit. We also can design an approach based on your preferences. For example, if you only want your pet to get a chiropractic adjustment, we can do just that. If you want to use just herbal medicine, and /or acupuncture, that can be done also. We will give you our recommendations, but will respect your decision.

7. Are there times when these types of treatments don't work?
There certainly are patients that do not show any improvement in spite of our best efforts. Thankfully, this occurs in less than 10% of our cases (and many of our patients find us only after everything else has failed!). When the patient responds favorably to our treatments it is because healing has taken place and the body is actually healthier in some way. Likewise, in patients that simply can not heal because disease is too advanced or there is irreversible damage to nerves or organs, no favorable response will be seen. Thankfully, many very chronic or severe problems can often be significantly improved by optimizing the body's ability to heal and making it as well balanced and as healthy as possible.


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